All Mixed Up? 

Since I began working on this project I’ve been talking to lots of people in real life and on the ol’ intetwebs. I feel so connected! It all started because of one racially motivated joke on Facebook about how white my baby came out as evidenced below.

My son, and my father.

It was an offhand comment,  but like a lot of comedy, sometimes a joke can get to the heart of the matter. I love my son. He’s perfect! He’s beautiful! I just expected him to pop out and be my mini me; but people think he’s not mine. Like for real.


It’s a weird feeling  but it’s not unique. My best friend (who is white and fair skinned)has an olive skinned daughter with dark hair and eyes.   She  told me the other day that people used to ask her all the time if she was the babysitter. I’ve known her for over 30 years, and I don’t remember her saying that… Which makes me think that I am on the right path in this endeavor. I think people want to open up about their experience and hear other people’s stories, regardless of weather they are mixed race or not. People are thirsty for connection, REAL connection.

Before I started working on this project I had no idea there was this multiracial community out there with media sites like Multiracial Media clothing lines like Mixed Up Clothing books like Being Biracial . There is even an annual Mixed Race festival. 

I’m preparing to interview my first group of strangers this Sunday, clearly they want  to connect to the mixed race community. So let’s chat! I want to hear from all my , Halfros, Hafus, Blasians, Blaxicans, Mulattos, Mestizos, Coloreds, Hapas,  Biracials, Triracials, (erm, I can’t think of anymore) but YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! So let’s get this project poppin’ off!  Please put your questions that you would like to hear other people answer in my interviews in the comments and let’s get the conversation started!

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