First Official Interviews!

Yesterday we began filming!  We interviewed five people about their experience as a mixed race/multiracial person in America. I was worried that people wouldn’t show up or that they wouldn’t be willing to open up or be real…Well, my fears were unfounded because every person that we talked to yesterday was beautiful inside and outside(and one of them even has an actual person inside of her belly, congratulations E! )


They were all so honest and so open, it was truly heartwarming.  Particularly at a time when racism and its hateful tragic outcomes are in the headlines.  I think it is worth noting that these neo Nazis, white supremacists and hatemongers are the minority.

Yes, there are all kinds  problems with systematic racism in our country. Yes, our racism is a symptom of a sickness that plagues our country (and the whole world). Yes, implicit bias is a very real problem with very real consequences including people dying,  but seeing these young beautiful mixed people smiling, talking, crying and sharing their authentic selves was really an incredible experience. I don’t think mixed race people are going to save the world or rid it of racism but man, hearing the love stories of how people’s parents met and the challenges they faced was a good reminder of how human we all are.

Growing up in a majority white suburb outside of New York City I was one of only a few kids  of color.

I was trying to find a school picture but all I could find was this camp picture. But you get the point. I’m on the far right behind pink pants.

I had what I consider a pretty typical mixed race experience of not fitting in and identity challenges etc.  But speaking so thoroughly with others who didn’t have the exact same upbringing as I did and yet we had a great deal in common…I felt very connected and close to them.

Thank you so much to my first round of interviewees! (It was a particularly good looking bunch for some reason, so please enjoy the pictures below) I am so looking forward to the journey of this project and I think we are off to a wonderful start!


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