Coming at You from Left Field

I loved being interviewed for this thoughtful piece

on “passing” by NBC Left Field ‘s  Haimy Asseffa .

She arrived at a difficult time for me, as my dear friend,  Dr. Gregory Diggs  had unexpectedly passed away the day before she came out to interview me.

Greg Diggs was more than my friend, he was my business partner, my mentor, my cohost for OffColor and he was actually the spark that has brought All Mixed Up: Our Changing Racial Identities to life.

Both he and his son Langston appeared in our original Kickstarter trailer and Langston wrote this beautiful piece for us as we worked on the project.

Haimy treated us all so well and so respectfully at a very difficult time so her piece is even more special to me. I hope you have time to check out more of her work because she is, as Greg would have said, “Outstanding”.


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