About This Project

Mixed race people who live in the USA face great challenges. WE are the largest growing demographic and we are changing the racial landscape.

Different rules apply in ways we don’t even understand. At some point in the near future, it’s possible we’ll all be so MIXED UP that race won’t matter anymore. This documentary WILL begin a caring conversation about race to help all of us understand what we face, and what’s in store.

This is a huge conversation. Our first step is to produce a 30-minute documentary. We need resources to continue doing our interviews, learning more, so we can produce a film that will get people talking and thinking more about race.

We want to spark change in our discourse about race and inspire other people to share their stories. We want to live in a world where we all foster open and honest communication around what is clearly a difficult subject.

Follow our project as we begin to record stories to make this important documentary and help drive the conversation forward.